We have established ourselves as a reliable plastic packaging, plastic multi-colour printed and laminated, offset printing in papers, self adhesive sticker labels printing and stationery since 1991. Most of our customers are long term business relationships from all over Malaysia. Our commitment to quality and reliability is backed by generation of experience, technical know-how and satisfied customer who have faithfully stayed with us. We can assure you of our same commitment when we serve you.



Our manufacturing floor is furnished with the latest machieneries to serve the fast-developing flexible packaging industry, such as Multilayer Co-Extrusion (Top-Revolve Wind-Cooling) Blown-Film Assembling Unit , High-Speed Computer Gravure Printing, Automatic Splitting Machine, Automatic High-speed Rewinding Inspection Machine, and Offset Printing in Papers Machienes. Customers not only can beassured of the quality of our products, but also of continuous support and services from our dedicated team.


At Fero Maltech Industries (M) Sdn Bhd , we are committed to the manufacturing of premier quality products and also continuous support and services from our dedicated team.  Fully  computerized operations ensure consistent quality and optimum use of raw material for cost effective production that translates into cost saving for customers .



Our flexible packaging division is also capable of producing 100%  degradable products where the plastic packaging will decompose into harmless and non-toxic elements in a short period of time. 

We will not waste the materials since its have been specifically designed to be recycled or to encourage re-use it back with cluster type plastic recycling and granule-making machine. This plastic recycling machinery is to be use for making the PP/PE in orpellets by extruding, cooling, palletizing from waster material. Green plant also have been planted surrounding that can keep our factory in the clean enviroment and reduce the pollutions.

Combining the wastage inks also is the one of the technique that we have choose , neither throw it away;  for example combines all CMYK waste colours and produce as a black ink in printing process. 


Customers’ satisfication is thus our most priority and we make every effort in ensuring that every packaging need is fullfilled.